NPS Congestion Management System Toolkit

Abstract: The purpose of this project (Phase II) is to create a Toolkit (or “Toolbox”) that will list congestion mitigation measures that can be applied to address congestion issues in NPS settings. As noted in Technical Memorandum 8 from Phase I, “The congestion management plan should include a toolbox/toolkit approach for identifying the types of congestion mitigation measures that can be applied for various transportation facilities and types of congestion. The toolbox approach appears to be useful as a method to screen congestion issues to identify the range of typically viable and effective alternatives.” This Toolkit provides a list of congestion mitigation solutions or tools that can be applied to address specific congestion problems and issues in NPS settings. Key features include implementation considerations, cost and financial information as well as examples of where these tools have been used and expected outcomes based on previous applications. Finding the right tool involves a “diagnosis” of the problem(s), so they can be matched with the best solutions.
This Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of potential solutions/tools for addressing congestion in national park settings. These solutions are categorized by five types of congestion management approaches including: Additional Capacity, Electronic Systems, Public Transportation, Traffic Operational Improvements, and visitor Demand Management. The solutions are presented first in a summary format in the Congestion Management Toolkit Summary Tables, and then described in more detail in the fact sheets.

Sponsoring Organization: National Park Service - Denver Service Center

Completion Date: 3/30/2014

Additional Project Information: